BSC International

In a nutshell

BSC International is the international division of BSC, Belgian Senior Consultants, a non-profit association of retired senior executives, civil servants and independent professional experts.

BSC International sends its members all over the world on a wide range of missions. It is recognized by the China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA) as representative for Belgium.

Sectors of activity
A wide range of professional qualifications and experience is available.  Currently, BSC International has about 100 experts qualified in such sectors as:
- Agriculture: potato farming, plantations (esp. coffee, tea, bananas), post-harvest preservation, deep-freezing. Horticulture. Forests and green areas. Bovine, pig, horse breeding
- Ecology
- Metallurgy, iron, copper. Steel wire and cord extrusion
- Construction. Electrical heavy equipment transformers. Petroleum exploration, oil refining
- Electro-technology
- Chemicals and chemical specialties; polyether’s, polyurethanes, fertilizers.  Electro-ceramics. Plastics
- Pharmaceuticals, bio-technology
- Environment, water and air pollution
- Tourism
- ISO quality control, environmental control, information technology and systems. Process analysis
- Management strategy: international and domestic marketing strategy, medium-long term corporate development strategy, reorganization SME’s
- Finance, accountancy

In more than 20 years of activities, BSC International completed hundreds of missions around the world, particularly in:
- Africa: Burundi, Congo, Egypt, Madagascar, Morocco, Rwanda, Tunisia
- America: Chile, Peru
- Asia: Kazhakstan, Lebanon, Peoples Republic of China
- Europe: Hungary, Romania, Ukraine

BSC International missions are covered by a contract which specifies content and duration, responsibilities and insurance, as well as financial terms of the engagement. 

Missions are usually of 2 - 4 weeks, but if the client and expert agree, the expert can stay longer or return several times if necessary.